Shooting during lockdown.

In a way, I think I’m grateful for being stuck at home for the greater part of 3 months. While it got tiring and even depressing at times I think the outcome was predominantly positive. 

 The inability to go outside forced me to take a step back and focus on a few things I really enjoy doing. I can say it marked the turning point where film photography went from hobby to passion for me as I invested in my first proper camera and spent hours designing a photo album that I still need to get around to printing. Had this lock down never happened I don’t think this website would exist at all. 

From a photography point of view, the critical question was: what can I take pictures of without going outside? I am extremely fortunate to be living in an apartment that has a balcony and also a shared rooftop terrace and used these luxuries to capture the life of the neighbourhood. Whether it was people passing by or neighbours enjoying their balconies and rooftops I tried to grab moments, exchanges, anything that could be telling of these unusual times. 

 Below, you can enjoy a selection of my favourite shots, all taken from my balcony or rooftop.

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