January 2023

January 2023

This month is a bit different from the previous ones as I find myself in more of preparation and exploration phase. First time experience with the video camera opened a pandora’s box of questions, ideas and learnings. It has been interesting to see the often disappointing difference between the vision I had when filming and the end result. It feels like when I first started shooting film, a long and slow learning process based essentially on trial and error. Now that I’m invested it’s going to be fun to dive into filming techniques and more importantly the new world of possibilities that comes with the ability to add motion to my work. It’s been a great way to rediscover one of my first passions, cinema. I now have a newfound interest and things to look for when watching films.

On March 6th, I’ll be travelling to Hong Kong and Thailand. This is creatively exciting as I never got to properly shoot in Hong Kong while living there and the same can be said about the two previous times I visited Thailand. I plan on taking many pictures and videos which will bring more questions on how to present them in a visually appealing way, but that’s the fun part! This month I’ll focus on doing a bit of planning, mostly choosing which type of film I’ll shoot and making sure I have everything I need to make this trip a visual success. 

Below you’ll find some shots from December that I received this month :)

December 2022

It’s surprisingly been a very pleasant feeling to reflect on this past year when it comes to my photography. In recent months I had been feeling a bit disappointed with my progress and feeling guilty for not posting so often, losing momentum etc. I think that by taking a step back, looking through the things I’ve done and the pictures I’ve taken, there are actually quite a lot of positive aspects and things to build on. In February 2022, I had my first exhibition! It’s insane how quickly we can forget about our big wins just because they are not recent anymore, especially considering all the hard work and stress that brought it to life. I learned so many things during that unique experience and definitely want to recreate something better in 2023. 

I also realized that I took a lot of pictures this year. I feel like I’m getting much better and taking pictures that capture the atmosphere of a particular location and the next natural step is adding an element of storytelling to this. I already mentioned it in last month’s post but the video camera will definitely be crucial in achieving this as soon as possible. I’ve been doing some thinking about how this will be done and don’t have a clear answer yet, but I’m excited about the experiments to come!

It’s a great feeling to close out the year by receiving a great set of pictures from my latest travels, you can find some of my favourites below.

Happy New Year!

If you took the time to read this, please leave a comment, a thought, some advice, anything. I’d love to hear some reactions!

November 2022

Last month, I wrote the first monthly blog post with one of the main objectives being to hold myself accountable and have a shareable way of keeping track of what I’m currently working and also what I’m planning for the future. During this past month of November, I feel like I am moving in the right direction!

Going back to the topic of accountability, I attended an amazing workshop hosted by my good friend Mahal (@mahalmeanslove) where myself and 5 other creatives sat and worked towards defining our dream projects. All of us realised the power and importance of discussing what you’re working on and want to work on in the future with other people. Firstly, you create a feeling of accountability towards others in the sense that this person will eventually want to see progress in this endeavour you mentioned. Secondly, you’re able to get genuine and unbiased feedback that can help you view your idea in ways you had never thought of before. This brings us nicely to the ever so daunting topic of self promotion.

Self promotion is always something I have struggled with, even before I started doing photography. It always feel narcissistic and self-centred to be promoting myself and what I can produce. This leads to me meeting countless amounts of people and never even thinking of showing them my work or in other words sharing my passion with them, something that represents an enormous part of who I am. I feel like I had a breakthrough this past weekend as I attended a creative studio opening party and viewed as nothing more than a networking event. It turned out to be more of party than anything but I surprised myself with how easy it was to share my photography without feeling weird about it. I now see that it’s something painless to execute that very quickly creates new opportunities and connections.

This month I got to shoot with Cinestill 800T film, a really cool option designed for shooting at night. I had wanted to shoot fairs at night for a while and really enjoyed doing so. Although it was challenging to work with lowlight, I am really happy with how some of these came out!

I have also purchased a digital video camera from the early 2000’s. The idea is to add a motion layer to my projects that still matches the nostalgic feeling that film photography can offer. I am currently editing my first video from a trip to Amsterdam and now plan to use this new tool in all my projects. 

Thanks for reading!

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