November 2022

Last month, I wrote the first monthly blog post with one of the main objectives being to hold myself accountable and have a shareable way of keeping track of what I’m currently working and also what I’m planning for the future. During this past month of November, I feel like I am moving in the right direction!

Going back to the topic of accountability, I attended an amazing workshop hosted by my good friend Mahal (@mahalmeanslove) where myself and 5 other creatives sat and worked towards defining our dream projects. All of us realised the power and importance of discussing what you’re working on and want to work on in the future with other people. Firstly, you create a feeling of accountability towards others in the sense that this person will eventually want to see progress in this endeavour you mentioned. Secondly, you’re able to get genuine and unbiased feedback that can help you view your idea in ways you had never thought of before. This brings us nicely to the ever so daunting topic of self promotion.

Self promotion is always something I have struggled with, even before I started doing photography. It always feel narcissistic and self-centred to be promoting myself and what I can produce. This leads to me meeting countless amounts of people and never even thinking of showing them my work or in other words sharing my passion with them, something that represents an enormous part of who I am. I feel like I had a breakthrough this past weekend as I attended a creative studio opening party and viewed as nothing more than a networking event. It turned out to be more of party than anything but I surprised myself with how easy it was to share my photography without feeling weird about it. I now see that it’s something painless to execute that very quickly creates new opportunities and connections.

This month I got to shoot with Cinestill 800T film, a really cool option designed for shooting at night. I had wanted to shoot fairs at night for a while and really enjoyed doing so. Although it was challenging to work with lowlight, I am really happy with how some of these came out!

I have also purchased a digital video camera from the early 2000’s. The idea is to add a motion layer to my projects that still matches the nostalgic feeling that film photography can offer. I am currently editing my first video from a trip to Amsterdam and now plan to use this new tool in all my projects. 

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October 2022

I have decided to start making monthly blog posts where I write about what I have been up to in terms of creative projects and reflect on things I learned and what is planned for the future. These posts will also include photos I’ve taken that aren’t necessarily part of a body of work. I think it’ll be a great way for me to keep myself accountable, give more insight on my process and organize my ideas. 

This past month represents a great breakthrough for me. After facing a bit of creative block over the summer, it feels great to get back to shooting, planning projects and, just be creatively active again. I have always struggled with reaching out to people to offer collaboration opportunities. Despite knowing that it’s an irrational fear, I can’t help myself but think I’m bothering people or that it’s weird to reach out. 

Thanks to a great friend of mine I was put it contact with a person interested in modeling and, was quickly able to organize a shoot and take advantage of this opportunity. It was amazing to realize how easy it is to set up situations that let me create work I’m satisfied with. Below you can see photos I took in October with Dani and Cristina. I am especially fond of these as they were both experiments: doing an indoor photoshoot in black and white and trying to use a night film indoors with poor lighting.

I am very happy to be enjoying my passion again and wanted to share this quote that helps define what makes photography such a powerful form of art. “when I try to catch the moment with my camera, the images become flat, uninteresting, and not representative of what I want to show.”(Kristoffer Dahy Ernst in the preface of Rasmus Weng Karlsen’s book; Journey) these words really bring me to the perfect definition of the magic that photography provides: the ability to make something already beautiful to the common eye, enhanced in beauty and capable of being enjoyed for a long time. To even further magnify the beauty of what surrounds us, I am going to start complimenting my pictures with videos taken with an old digital camera. I hope that this will help me add an extra layer to my creations and open the doors to new experiments and techniques.

In November the main goal is to keep exiting my comfort zone by scheduling shoots and incorporating video content into my work. I am currently participating in the creation of something new for me and, related to another one of my passions: food. Additionally, a video and photo project for clothing is in the works and I can’t wait to see what comes of it. 

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Shooting during lockdown.

In a way, I think I’m grateful for being stuck at home for the greater part of 3 months. While it got tiring and even depressing at times I think the outcome was predominantly positive. 

 The inability to go outside forced me to take a step back and focus on a few things I really enjoy doing. I can say it marked the turning point where film photography went from hobby to passion for me as I invested in my first proper camera and spent hours designing a photo album that I still need to get around to printing. Had this lock down never happened I don’t think this website would exist at all. 

From a photography point of view, the critical question was: what can I take pictures of without going outside? I am extremely fortunate to be living in an apartment that has a balcony and also a shared rooftop terrace and used these luxuries to capture the life of the neighbourhood. Whether it was people passing by or neighbours enjoying their balconies and rooftops I tried to grab moments, exchanges, anything that could be telling of these unusual times. 

 Below, you can enjoy a selection of my favourite shots, all taken from my balcony or rooftop.

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